St. Mary Catholic School

“I Feel Like I Belong Here, and It Feels Great!”


Grades: PK-6


“My Catholic school is my family! (The best part about teaching in a Catholic school is) being able to learn and grow in my own faith as I teach it and seeing my students’ faith grow throughout their academic career. It’s so special to see kids pray!” - Allie Buckingham, kindergarten and young 5’s teacher

“I learn about my faith from school. Everyone here makes St. Mary’s special. It’s fun and I like learning.” - Quame Sanders, first grade

“Learning is fun! We learn about faith by saying the Lord’s prayer. St. Mary’s is special because of the principal and teachers.” - Raegan Wilson, first grade

“Everyone is kind at St. Mary’s! We practice our faith by respecting others.” - Evelyn Krebs, fifth grade

“I love St. Mary’s because I love the family atmosphere. St. Mary staff and students are great to work with. I love teaching in a Catholic school because I am able to teach faith to students. I feel it is a spiritual reward for not only me but for my students too.” - Sally Johnston, fifth and sixth grade teacher

“My favorite part about St. Mary’s is all the people who help and love us. We practice our faith by being nice to others and people always help others. I feel like I belong here, and it feels great!” - Alaina McKowen, fifth grade