Catholic Schools Week celebrates faith and community

Students, faculty, families and friends across the Diocese of Saginaw celebrated Catholic Schools Week, a nationwide celebration of the many contributions of Catholic schools to the Church and wider community.

This year's Catholic Schools Week ran from Jan. 28 to Feb. 3 with the theme of “Catholic Schools: United in Faith and Community.”

Catholic Schools Week highlights the many contributions of Catholic schools to the Church and greater community. Students, families and staff will participate in service projects, special Masses and fun school activities.

“The theme for 2024, 'Catholic Schools: United in Faith and Community' is a great reminder that without community support, our schools would not exist. As a diocese faith community, the theme serves as an invitation to consider how we may be able to support Catholic education,” said Cormac Lynn, superintendent of schools for the Diocese of Saginaw. “Prayer, volunteering in a school or faith formation program and/or donations can aid our Catholic educators in strengthening our Diocese. I am grateful for the many people across the diocese who support our schools, especially my colleagues working in our schools to serve our students and families.”

Through the many exciting and faith-filled experiences of Catholic Schools Week, families and communities come together to celebrate the gift of Catholic education.

“Catholic Schools Week is a great opportunity to celebrate and highlight the essential education and formation that is taking place in our schools every day,” Cormac said.

Catholic schools have an irreplaceable role in the Church’s evangelizing mission. Building on the central goal of Catholic schools to form saints, Catholic schools teach and embrace the whole person, body, mind and spirit. The fact that all members of a Catholic school community share the Christian vision of faith that Christ is the foundation of Catholic education is what unites the school as a faith-filled community. - National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA)