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 | By Danielle McGrew Tenbusch

The Eucharist, unity and mission

A friend recently loaned me the book "This is My Body: A Call to Eucharistic Revival" by Bishop Robert Barron. It is a short and thoughtful look at the Eucharist, which is the source and summit of our faith.

One aspect that struck me when I began reading it was a point on the ritual Passover meal. Not only does it preface the sacrifice of the Lamb of God and serve as a reminder of what God did for his people, but part of the reason for the specific directions for the Jewish people is for the sake of unity. All the children of Israel were united in this practice, down to the details of the words spoken and foods shared. Ritual matters, and through this ritual meal, God’s people could recover some degree of unity.

The stories shared in this issue share these themes of Eucharist and unity. You'll meet a religious sister and a local layperson who share a deep devotion to the Eucharistic presence of Christ. You'll also read about the individuals whose work in the Office of Liturgy promotes unity in the worship of God. You’ll meet the inspiring volunteers in the SPRED program, ensuring all are welcome as part of the Body of Christ.

On the next page, Bishop Gruss will offer a reflection of what he believes brings Jesus the greatest joy– for us his disciples to receive him in the Holy Eucharist. For us to be united more deeply with Jesus, who loves us.

Most of all, these stories demonstrate what can be accomplished in building the Kingdom of God when we are united in Christ’s mission.

Through your support of Christ's Mission Appeal this past year, you have supported the training of lay ministers, lectors and extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion; dozens of liturgies for celebrating special events and bringing together the faithful of the Diocese; hundreds of livestreamed Masses; bookkeeping and administrative support for parishes and so much more– including this very magazine!

Thank you for reading Great Lakes Bay Catholic.

To Jesus through Mary,


Danielle McGrew Tenbusch serves as editor of Great Lakes Bay Catholic magazine and is the marketing and admissions coordinator for the Office of Catholic Schools.