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Bommarito presented Edward J. McArdle Memorial Tribute Award at Red Mass

Bishop Robert Gruss celebrated the Red Mass with members of the legal profession and their families on Oct. 12, at the Cathedral of Mary of the Assumption in Saginaw. The Red Mass is a 36-year tradition in the Diocese of Saginaw in collaboration with the St. Thomas More Society of Saginaw.

The Red Mass dates back to the 13th century, named for the red vestments worn by the officiating clergy during this Mass of the Holy Spirit. The purpose of the Mass is to call on Divine Guidance for lawyers and judges, to recognize the lawyer's fiduciary duty to client and court, to esteem the likes of St. Thomas More and all lawyers who have sacrificed in order to stand fast on ethical principles and to reaffirm the values of due process, integrity and conflict resolution.

The lawyers and judges present were led by U.S. District Judge Thomas L. Ludington in the renewal of the Lawyer’s Oath.The late Alexander “Alex” D. Bommarito was posthumously awarded the Edward J. McArdle Memorial Tribute Award, which was accepted by his wife Lori Bommarito. Jeffrey C. Collison presented the award, which is given each year to an individual for exceptional service in the legal profession and significant community contributions.