Bishop Gruss shares a reflection on the deadly sin of lust and the heavenly virtue of chastity

Greetings and blessings on this fourth weekend of Lent. I hope that your Lenten season has been full of grace so far.  Lent is not just about the little sacrifices we make, but about discerning where the Lord is directing our hearts.

The Lord Jesus wants to free us from the clutches of sin and lead us to true freedom that comes from life focused on Him.  Thanks for joining me this week as we continue on our journey through the seven deadly sins and their corresponding virtues. It is my hope and prayer that in these days, the Lord is stirring up something in our hearts so that He can lead us to repentance and conversion. 

Last week, we reflected on the sin of Gluttony and its corresponding virtue of Temperance. I hope it was helpful. This week, let’s take a look at the sin of Lust and its corresponding virtue of Chastity.